My background…

Recently I had a few questions about my background.  While there is a bio page I will use this post to give a little more background about myself.


I did both my undergraduate and masters degrees in Aerospace Engineering at Virginia tech.  During my undergraduate years, I worked in their wind-tunnel and while in grad school I focused on computation mathematics through studying CFD.  Additionally, while I was there I was part of the H2okies, Virginia Tech’s swim team (distance and I.M. for the curious)

Work experience: early years Hardware in the Loop

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My first position out of college was working for General Motors on their Hardware in the Loop (HIL) simulator SimuCar.  In that position, I created first principal models for transmissions and engines; optimizing them to run in a strict real-time environment.  Additionally, it was in this role that I was first introduced to formal testing methods.

After departing GM I took a position at Applied Dynamics International (ADI) as an application engineer.  ADI was is a Hardware in the Loop vendor and supplier of services for developing HIL test environments.

It was also during this time that I met and married my lovely wife of now 20 years Deborah.

Work experience: System modeling

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After 3 years at ADI, I departed to take a position at Fords Research Center in Dearborn MI.  While there I created physical models in Simulink for AC systems, engine and complete drive trains for models intended for fuel economy analysis.

In addition to the physical modeling helped to develop a modeling framework in for full vehicle simulations.  This work is what would lead me to my next role as both a consultant.

At the time I joined New Eagle there were 3 other employees, the two owners, and a supporting sales person.  With New Eagle, I helped companies solve their Model-Based Design problems.  At the time, 2001, the two main challenges facing MBD users were targeting hardware and testing software.  To address these we developed custom solutions both code and architectural.

Work experience: MathWorks

Since 2004 I have been with the MathWorks.  Originally I was brought on as The MathWorks workflow engineer.  In that position, I helped identify the common development processes that our customers used.  My work focused on production code generation and testing methodologies.  Along the way, I helped produce the MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board style guidelines (M.A.A.B.) release 2.0 and 3.0. Additionally, I helped develop the Simulink MISRA C compliance documentation and advised on the latest release of the MISRA C standard.

Six years ago I moved back into a consulting role, both to refresh my knowledge of industry practice and to directly put the workflows I had documented into practice.

Beyond work

Outside of work I’m part of a masters swimming group and spend evenings in long walks with my wife.  I’ve done improv at Go-Comedy in Ferndale MI having graduated from Second City Detroit.   I write short stories, can be found outdoors rock climbing, hiking or kayaking.  On any given weekend you are likely to find me making up a batch of soup, reading, at a play, walking or talking with my lovely wife.


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