Note: This page is under construction.  All references will be added in at date in the near future.

  1. Code efficiency papers
    1. Model Based Design Tools in Closed Loop Motor Control
  2. Process establishment papers
    1. Adoption of Modeling Standards as a Part of Enterprise-Wide Deployment
    2. Applying Model-Based Design to Commercial Vehicle Electronics Systems
  3. Model-Based Design best practices
    1. Best Practices for Establishing a Model-Based Design Culture
    2. Best Practices for Adopting Model-Based Design for Embedded Applications
  4. Safety critical workflow
    1. Best practices for developing DO-178 compliant software using Model-Based Design
    2. Embedded Software for Safety Critical Applications
  5. Modeling guidelines
    1. MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board Style Guidelines
    2. Orion GN&C MATLAB/Simulink Standards
  6. Stateflow
    1. stateflow_best_practices