A road map for Model-Based Design

This page is an outline of the posts that will be written on Model-Based Design Establishment.  The order of the posts will, roughly, follow this outline,  However, there will be some deviation as new issues come.

  1. Introduction
  2. Model-Based Design: driving and preventing factors
    1. Driving factors
    2. Preventing factors
  3. Adoption timeline
    1. Exploration phase
      1. Part 1
      2. Part 2
    2. Initial adoption
      1. Assessing your current state of Model-Based Design Adoption
      2. Initial adoption: goals and metrics
      3. Leveraging existing processes
      4. Selecting the “correct” system for the trial project
      5. MBD foundational concepts: model architecture, data management, and testing
      6. Reviewing outcomes of the project
    3. Validation project
      1. Defining the objectives of the validation project(s)
      2. Implementing the validation project
      3. Defining the initial Model-Based Design workflow
    4. Group roll out
      1. Educating your organization
      2. Resources for supporting the roll out
      3. Collecting feedback from the roll out Updating the Model-Based Design workflow
    5. Departmental rollout
    6. Optimization
      1. Key performance indicators (KPI) for Model-Based Design
      2. Leveraging the Model-Based Design community
  4. The role of supporting tools in Model-Based Design
    1. Version control software
    2. Bug tracking software
    3. Requirements management tools
    4. Documentation generation
  5. Model-Based Design Building Blocks
    1. Modeling architecture
      1. Fundamentals
      2. Modeling architecture with room to grow
      3. Integration with existing software
    2. Verification and validation
      1. Core verification and validation philosophy
      2. User-friendly testing environments: Analysis and testing
      3. Modular testing environments
      4. Documentation 
      5. Traceability
    3. The role of data in modeling
      1. Understanding data usage in Model-Based Design (Part I)
      2. Understanding data usage in Model-Based Design (Part II)
      3. Managing data
    4. Software processes
      1. Empower engineers to follow processes
      2. Processes in a safety critical workflow
  6. Closing thoughts
  7. Appendix
    1. Simulation and analysis for design