Establishing a Model-Based Design Process

Charles Dicken’s novel, “A Tale of Two Cities“, was originally published in a serialized format in 31 installments over 6 months. Now the book that the average 10th grade high school student reads is the refactored final product. In that spirit over the coming year, I will be writing a series of blog posts that I will later collect into a book format. As a preview here is the high level outline of the material.

  • Motivating factors: What drives people to adopt Model-Based Design and how that driving force affects the order of adoption
  • Pillars of Model-Based Design: What are the key elements that define a Model-Based Design workflow.
  • Laying the foundation: What are the first steps in establishing a culture of Model Dased Design.
  • Validating your processes: How do you assess the success and failures of your establishment process?
  • Expanding the scope of Model-Based Design activities: How and when do you ramp up on the methods used as part of the Model-Based Design workflow.
  • Deploying the process across your organization: A discussion on methods for deploying the process across your organization and how to collect feedback from the members of the group.


Michael Burke is a consultant with The MathWorks and former coordinator for the MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB). I currently focus on Model-Based Design Process Adoption and Establishment projects. Views expressed in this article do not represent the views of The MathWorks.

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