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In this post I want to do something different; a collection of a few “basic” tips for system software, brought to you in folk wisdom format (alternating, bird, craft, bird, craft, ending on horse, of course).

Six of one, Half a dozen of another

How data is specified makes a difference. In this case “6 of one” is a direct specification of the number. “Half a dozen of another” is a calculated value which requires machine operations. When possible use direct specification of data.

A stitch in time saves 9

This is a tricky situation; preventive maintenance will almost always have downstream benefits. At the same time if you are spending time looking for the “single stitches” to be corrected you are taking time away from the core work that needs to be done. Context switching between tasks needs to be taken into account when performing corrective tasks; finish what you start, don’t ignore small problems.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Project planning is about project completion; “feature creep” is a common problem when the focus isn’t on getting (and maintaining) the “bird in hand.” A bird in the hand is wonderful, a bird at home letting you get ready to go get more birds is best.

Measure twice, cut once

With Model-Based Design or any software development process, the mantra should be measure as you go, work to refine. Software development can be seen as a series of tasks from roughing it out with a saw to fine tuning with sandpaper. You should always be measuring to know where you are.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth

Legacy software can be seen as a gift horse; it may let you ride into town but if it is knackered you will need to become the knacker, adjust and replace it. Always review your legacy software; you need to “look it in the mouth.”

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