Model-Based Design Walk through: Part 2: System Architecture

This post is the second in a series of 8 video blogs walking through the fundamentals of Model-Based Design. When taken as a whole, these videos provide the foundation stones for understanding and implementing Model-Based Design workflows. I will be using a simple Home A/C system for my example; however the principles apply to everything from Arch welders to zygodactyl pickup systems.(1)

In this example I am laying out the system level architecture; in future posts I will go into the types of analyses that can be performed in this environment.

  1. Requirements
    1. Requirements Management
    2. Writing clear requirements
    3. What I’m expecting: writing requirements
  2. System Architecture
    1. Modeling architecture: Fundamentals
    2. Model architecture decomposition for hardware and close loop testing
    3. Is your system architecture “Lego Legal”?
  3. Initial (shell) models (TBD)
  4. Defining and managing data (TBD)
  5. V&V (TBD)
  6. Refining the models (TBD)
  7. Code generation (TBD)
  8. Odds and ends…(TBD)


  1. Having started an A to Z theme I will see it through for the remaining 6 posts!
  2. With the air quality in California impacted by the current fires, the windows open requirement may need to be adjusted.

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