My Model-Based Design Bookshelf

While I write this blog there are a number of sources I draw on as reference; I wanted to take a chance to acquaint you with them.(1)

The Standards

The standards down into three categories

  1. Modeling Standards: For the Model-Based Design community (Simulink) this points to the MAAB Style guidelines (2)
  2. Coding Standards: There are two things I look to here:

Model-Based Design “documents”

Safety critical document (4)

Verification processes


  1. Beyond introducing you to these documents, it gives me an easy place to keep all this information to point my customers to…
  2. The 5 years I spent working on versions 2 and 3 is some of the work I am most proud of.
  3. A couple of notes; first the joke about conformance can make you MISRA-able has been done many many many times. Second, with modern automatic code generators it is fairly straight forward to be MISRA compliant. Third, if you look in the dedication section of the MISRA-C-2012 you can see my name.
  4. I remembered the song “Safety dance” but I had forgotten how odd the video was, it seems like a mishmash of the movie Willow and praise of Morris dancing.
  5. Ok, the repeating was a cheap re-use joke

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