Hierachy of reuse

I have written about reuse in a number of post before; today I wanted to talk about a conceptual framework of reusability.  In this video I talk about four types of reusable “objects”

  • Concepts: These have a high reusability with a corisponding high initial development cost.  Examples include:
    • Model Architectures, testing infrustructure, modeling guidelines
  • Fundemental objects: These also have a high reusability, but have a realitivly low initial cost.  Examples include:
    • Transfer function implimentations, bang-bang control algorithms…
  • System implimentations: These have a medium level of reuse with and a moderate level of initial implimentation cost.  The “smaller” the system is the lower the cost.  Examples include:
    • An internal combustion engine model, a wing’s control surface
  • Targeted implimentation: These have the lowest level of reusability and implimentation cost.  Examples include
    • Hardware device drivers, specific fault montering algorithms.



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