Things I learned in 2017: MBD edition

With 2017 behind us and 97 blog posts under my belt, it seemed like a good time for some reflection on the state of Model-Based Design.

  1. New industries adopt, old industries expand
    In the past 3 years, the Medical device industry has embraced the core aspects of Model-Based Design feverishly.  At the same time existing strong users, such as Aerospace and Automotive have expanded the tool suite they use to include things such as big data and image processing
    Image result for Cross industry
  2. Growth of continuous integration 
    The use of CI systems for model and system level validation continues to grow.  This is aided by both the growing ease of use for CI systems and…
    Image result for CI images
  3. Improvements in testing infrastructure
    Testing infrastructure, from test managers to test reports continues to mature making it easier for end users to develop reusable, scalable testing environments.  Further, it lowers the bar for developing tests allowing software and systems engineers to both run and create tests.

    Image result for Simulink test
    Simulink Test Manager
  4. Puppies!
    Seriously, of all the desktop backgrounds I have used during presentations this one, of my wife and a photo-bombing dog, was the most liked.

    My wife at Epping Forest (not our dog)
  5. Traning
    2017 was a lean year for many customers, and in an effort to save on costs they cut back on training.  As a result, the start of many of my engagements involved basic training.  Fortunately, this is a trend that is already changing.
    Image result for eye of the tiger
  6. Things get real (time)
    2017 featured a large increase in the number of Hardware In the Loop (HIL) projects that I worked on.  This came about due to three things

    • Improvements in the Simulink Real-Time API
    • Lower cost of Hardware In the Loop systems
    • Improved testing support for Hardware in the Loop systems (see item 3)
      Image result for real time SLRT
      Note: I have no idea why, but this image came up in the search for real-time.  I am keeping it


Final thoughts

2017 was a great year for Model-Based Design projects.  I expect an increase in both the number and depth of these projects in 2018.  I look forward to continuing this blog and the eventual conversion to the book.

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