Empowering engineers to adopt MBD

What does it mean to empower engineers? A base definition found through ever handy Google, is


Empowering engineers to adopt Model-Based Design fitsGM-NASA-RoboGlove-03_opt into this base definition like a hand in glove.   But how do we extend beyond the base solution?  So what can we do to tailor the adoption empowerment?

Support phase 1

As already covered, the Model-Based Design roadmap first phase is an initial research and proof on concept phase.  How is this supported?  There are three methods of support

  1. Education:  Both formally through training and informally through readings such as this blog.
  2. Time: The initial research stage takes between 1 and 3 months depending on the existing level of knowledge.  Successful adoption of MBD processes requires dedicated time by the establishment team.
  3. Failure: The scope of the initial adoption phase should not be on a critical path.  The establishment team needs the leeway to make mistakes during their initial investigation.

Ongoing support

The ongoing support consists of 3 factors

  1. Specialization of tasks: engineers and software architects should be allowed to work in their domain.  Requiring everyone to learn all tools and steps in the workflow creates an unnecessary burden.
  2. Provide the required tools: Not every engineer needs every tool.  However, identifying the tools required and providing them to the engineers will enable them to quickly do their required work
  3. Automate: where possible automate common tasks.  Nothing is more demotivating than the requirement to perform repetitive tasks.


Final thoughts

Empowering engineers to adopt and use Model-Based Design is little different from any other process.  The central difference is in the initial adoption phase where the Education, Time and Failure requirements exist.


I have no connection to Santa Cruz college.  I just couldn’t resist the “slug support team” for part of this post.

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