Why Adopt?

These blog posts have focused on the adoption of Model-Based Design.  The choice of the word “adoption” was intentional.  When I visit a customer I tell them the following.

“80% of what I will recommend is generic best practices, common
across all Model-Based Design.  The next 10% is a selection of common
patterns in use relevant to your industry and regulatory needs.
The last 10% is the unique part of your development; your intellectual property”

Why do I say this?  Model-Based Design, from an architecture, data, and V&V perspective is now a mature field.  In a mature field, time should be spent on developing the IP aspects of design, not infrastructural components.  To that end, there is a significant body of best practices available for companies to reference.  (See the reference page for a small subset.)

How to succeed at adoption?

As this blog has spoken about on a number of occasions adoption is a process.  To succeed there are 5 key activities that need to be performed

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  1. Take background training
  2. Education on existing MBD frameworks (see references)
  3. Identify non-conforming cases (your 10% IP)
  4. Validate MBD approach for non-conforming cases
  5. Utilize external resources

External resources: final thoughts

Success often comes from knowing when to ask for outside help, either from other groups within your company who have already blazed a trail or from outside support groups (such as training and consulting.)  Utilizing support early in the adoption process enables a faster rate of adoption with fewer implementation issues.


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